Tonight on Falling Skies: “Stalag 14th Virginia”Tonight on Falling Skies: “Stalag 14th Virginia”
Details about the Falling Skies episode titled Stalag 14th Virginia Tonight on Falling Skies: “Stalag 14th Virginia”

“Stalag 14th Virginia” is the title of the new episode of Falling Skies airing tonight (Sunday, August 16) at 10PM on TNT.

In tonight’s installment, Weaver discovers a shocking truth about an old friend and must decide how to best protect the 2nd Mass.

Meanwhile, Maggie and Isabella are forced to work together, and the remainder of the 2nd Mass attempts an escape led by Tom.

“Stalag 14th Virginia” was directed by series star Noah Wyle, from a story by Jack Kenny.

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