Falling Skies Spoiler Images: “Death March”Falling Skies Spoiler Images: “Death March”
Images from the August 5 episode of Falling Skies titled Death March Falling Skies Spoiler Images: “Death March”

A new episode of Falling Skies airs tonight (July 22) at 9PM, with the title of “Molon Labe” – images from the episode can be found here – but spoiler lovers might want to know, what’s next?

That’s where some good news and some bad news comes in. Well, bad depending on how you look at it.

The bad news is that July 29 won’t bring us a new episode of Falling Skies, but instead, we’ll be getting a marathon on TNT with every episode of Season 2 that has aired so far. It’s a great chance to catch up, so maybe that’s not a bad thing after all.

The most definitely good news is we already have pictures from the next episode, which airs August 5 on TNT. It’s called “Death March.” Enjoy:


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