Dynasty Sneak Peek: “Use or Be Used” Dynasty Sneak Peek: “Use or Be Used”
On tonight's episode of Dynasty, Alexis begins sniffing around Liam after suspecting he's not who he says he is, while Cristal and Blake spar... Dynasty Sneak Peek: “Use or Be Used”

The relationship between Fallon and Alexis looks irreparable at this point, as Fallon is (understandably) incensed about her mother being in contact with Steven for a year before she came home, trying to get Sam arrested for shoplifting, weaseling her way into Thomas’s will, and embedding into her some serious abandonment issues after disappearing for a decade, among many other sins. What’s especially troublesome for Fallon is that Alexis has managed to drive something of a wedge between her and Steven, the most consistent part of her support system and someone who’s made life as a Carrington just a bit more bearable. If Alexis is to win back her daughter’s affection, and begin rebuilding a sense of trust between them, she’s going to have to make some type of grand gesture to show that she has her best interests at heart. But would Fallon even be willing to listen?

On tonight’s episode of Dynasty, Fallon and Alexis clash over the latter’s suspicions of Liam, who Alexis has an inkling isn’t who he claims to be. Though we’ve seen evidence that Liam might not be honest about his background, namely given the reaction he received at the funeral, and it’s also likely that a rando Fallon decided to marry on the spot would have some skeletons in his closet, Alexis isn’t exactly the person to deliver this type of news to Fallon. Aside from the kiss the two recently shared and the certain amount of glee Alexis takes in being the wrecking ball in her daughter’s life, Fallon isn’t exactly going to listen to someone who’s caused her decades of grief and shaken the foundation of the family since her return. Alexis hasn’t proven that she’s genuinely got Fallon’s best interest at heart and until then, anything she does will fall on deaf ears. But would Fallon have to listen to her mother if the evidence against Liam proves too much to ignore?

Elsewhere on Dynasty, Cristal and Blake spar over whether Carrington Atlantic should accept responsibility for the health crisis that left Culhane’s father, among many others, ill.

Dynasty airs tonight at 8:00 on The CW.

How long will it be before Alexis uncovers the truth about Liam? If Liam isn’t who he says is and Alexis is responsible for bringing that to light, could that heal the rift with Fallon? Will Cristal come out on top in this latest spar with Blake and get Carrington Atlantic to do the right thing?


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