Dynasty Sneak Peek: “A Line from the Past” Dynasty Sneak Peek: “A Line from the Past”
On tonight's episode of Dynasty, Alexis solidifies her newfound partnership with Jeff, while Fallon finds her loyalties tested. Dynasty Sneak Peek: “A Line from the Past”

Fallon thought that her mother returning to the Carrington fold would blow up instantaneously. Alexis would show her true colors, confirm everything negative her daughter ever thought of her, and quickly scamper off after scamming what she could from Blake and company. However, while Alexis has been pretty busy since her reentry into Atlanta society, meddling in Steven’s love life and clashing with the Carringtons over the rights to the estate, she’s made overtures to atone for leaving Fallon behind. At first, Fallon was skeptical of the authenticity of this newfound concern that Alexis was exercising toward her, given that she was never the most doting mother, but Alexis exposing Liam (and framing the narrative in her favor) might begin to turn the tide in the former Mrs. Carrington’s favor.

On tonight’s episode of Dynasty, Alexis sees the opening that her recent (self-serving) willingness to help her daughter gave her and begins prodding Fallon over to Culhane’s side. Despite the fact that Culhane’s mother explicitly told Fallon that she’s not to have anything to do with him during his father’s last days, Alexis still thinks that her daughter should make her presence known and be there for the man she clearly has feelings for. Smart and intuitive she may be, Fallon’s defenses have weakened after what happened with Liam and Alexis’s role in exposing his real identity; this is someone who desperately yearns for the mother figure she’s been without for a decade, so if it looks like Alexis is trying to do her a solid, and reinforces what her inner voice is telling her regarding Culhane, she could very well listen. But with Alexis Carrington, she of a newfound partnership with Jeff Colby, nothing is ever as it seems, meaning that if Fallon doesn’t wake up, she could very well find herself (and her company) in a place she never expected.

Elsewhere on Dynasty, Blake and Cristal remain at odds over his willingness to blackmail her and keep Carrington Atlantic’s role in the Clarke County health crisis under wraps, while Steven closes in on the true story behind Adam Carrington’s kidnapping.

Dynasty airs tonight at 8:00 on The CW.


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