Dynasty Sneak Peek: Fallon and Alexis Clash in “Enter Alexis” Dynasty Sneak Peek: Fallon and Alexis Clash in “Enter Alexis”
On tonight's episode of Dynasty, Fallon seeks to prove that Alexis weaseled her way into Thomas's will, while Cristal tries to protect her marriage... Dynasty Sneak Peek: Fallon and Alexis Clash in “Enter Alexis”

Given the sheer pressure that comes from being in the spotlight, the Carrington family has had to become mighty resilient. Fame and fortune have eaten even the most stable of families alive, so in order to survive and keep themselves draped in the lifestyle to which they’ve become accustomed, they’ve had to learn how to spin a scandal in their favor and use their times of vulnerability to their advantage. Granted, they’re still quite dysfunctional at their core, but the Carringtons have become masterful at controlling (and course correcting) their narrative and outmaneuvering even the most pressing of threats to their empire. Yet as strong and resourceful as they might be at handling outside influence, and as careful as they are to keep their in-fighting from bringing the entire dynasty down, they’re not quite prepared for the greatest adversary they’ve faced yet – Alexis.

On tonight’s episode of Dynasty, Alexis has a far greater presence in Thomas’s will than anyone anticipated, most importantly snagging all 341 acres of the Carrington estate. It’s a major shock, considering how long she’s been away and the fact that she’s only a Carrington through a former marriage, and something that gets her off on the wrong foot with the family whose orbit she came back into. Taking this the hardest is Fallon, who remains convinced that Alexis manipulated Thomas into putting her in the will; we know that she was involved in his life enough to film the video he left Blake, but we don’t know what their relationship was like once she and Blake separated, what she was really telling him about her financial situation and relationship with his son, or what state of mind Thomas was in during the last part of his life. Rest assured, though, that Fallon will be looking into all of that and more as she delves into her mother’s life since they last saw one another in an attempt to keep this person, all but a stranger to her, from seizing control of the only home she’s ever known.

Elsewhere on Dynasty, Cristal does what she can to keep Alexis away from her marriage to Blake, which has never looked more vulnerable.

Dynasty airs tonight at 8:00 on The CW.

How do you think Alexis landed such a lucrative stake in Thomas’s will? Can Alexis and Fallon ever build a halfway decent relationship with this hanging over them? Does Cristal have anything to worry about with Blake and Alexis interacting for the first time in years?


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