Blu-ray Review: Nikita: The Complete Fourth And Final Season Blu-ray Review: Nikita: The Complete Fourth And Final Season
Review of the Blu-ray set containing the fourth and final season of Nikita. Blu-ray Review: Nikita: The Complete Fourth And Final Season

A few months after Nikita’s four-season war against the bad guys concluded, Warner Home Video has now released the complete fourth and final season of Nikita to Blu-ray and DVD. We’ve gotten our hands on the Blu-ray version, so this is the one that we are reviewing here. The set can be had for under $20, which may sound like a bargain, but remember going in there are only six episodes on the set.

911XtbD6ODL._SL1500_Now, with that out of the way, let’s start with the review.

The Episodes: There are only six episodes on this set, but because there are only six episodes, that means there is absolutely no filler and every recurring character gets to shine. In some ways, the Nikita Season 4 set is like watching a four-hour movie that is just split into six chunks. For those who didn’t keep up with all four years of the show, don’t fret: The season premiere immediately gets you up to speed and gives the entire thing a good beginning, middle, and end. (If you’re just now joining the show, Nikita is on the run after it appears she has assassinated the President of the United States). The show’s cast — which includes Maggie Q, Shane West, Devon Sawa, Melinda Clarke, Noah Bean, and Aaron Stanford — all performs admirably, just as they had in the show’s other three years. Again, I can’t stress more that you don’t need to see what came before in order to follow this. It’s a great story.

CanceledThe Extras: Maybe due to the fact that it’s six episodes crammed on to one Blu-ray disc… there’s actually nothing by way of extras. No Comic-Con panel, no interviews, no nothing. This is disappointing. Understandable, but disappointing. I guess the Ultraviolet code could count as an extra. The set is still worth getting over watching on, say, Netflix because:

Graphics & Sound: On Blu-ray, Nikita looks and sounds better than it ever did when watching it on the air. The show looks pretty cinematic as it is, and with the clarity of Blu-ray, it really shines. I really like it.

Is It Worth It? Absolutely. The final six episodes of Nikita give the show a good conclusion and offer a glimpse into the best of what the series has to offer. If you like it, there are over 60 episodes on previous sets to come before it.

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