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Dracula Season Finale Photos: “Let There Be Light”

Dracula - Season 1The first season of Dracula sees its conclusion on NBC January 24, and even though that date is a month away, the network has released a whole lot of promotional images for it.

This wealth of imagery might make up for the notion that we do not yet have an official description with spoilers for it. This one looks a bit less “in the dark” than previous episodes have been.

Dracula returns with new episodes with “Servant To Two Masters” on January 3. No announcement has been made yet as to whether or not Dracula will see a second season. For now, though, enjoy these pics:


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DRACULA -- "Let There Be Light" Episode 110 -- Pictured: (l-r) Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Jonathan Harker, Rupert Holliday Evans as Lead Engineer -- (Photo by: Egon Endrenyi/NBC)

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  1. jonathan rhys-myers is the best. Remember “Tudors.” Bring back Dracula or I am canceling cable.

  2. Best show on NBC! I will not support anything on this network if this brilliant show is cancelled!
    I honestly don’t know how these ratings are determined, but I think it’s always been a flawed system…

    All your hard work is much appreciated!!

  4. Personally…I absolutely LOVE Dracula. With so many “TV series” type shows out there today this show definitely got my FULL attention. I think Johnathan Rhys Meyers is doing a FANTASTIC job as the “dark prince”. And after i watched the season 1 finale the other night it most certainly & obviously ended with a season 2 being planned. I HOPE to high heaven i’m right about that because there were “rumors” going around that the ratings were so bad NBC was undecided on giving it another season. Plus, this network (NBC) has had a REALLY “bad habit” of just cancelling shows very abruptly. Even if a first season finale clearly indicates there will be a second season. Also, may folks who have commented on this show don’t particularly care for it’s time slot. Which may have something to do with the show’s ratings and NBC’s hesitation/confusion on renewing it. So to those folks out there who feel that way your clearly forgetting this show is “graphic” and rated TV-14. Therefore, helping our younger children from having nightmares etc…But even if the “time slot” is not the reason and it’s more to do with being on to late for folks to watch it and then end up missing it. So to those folks i say this haven’t you ever heard of DVR or watching it on Xfinity OnDemand to get yourselves caught up…? Quite honestly, I LOVE the 10-11pm time slot so one would think those folks out there who work late have a FAR greater chance of watching it the same day instead of DVRing or OnDemanding it. So the “bottom line” here and pay close attention any NBC Executives that might read this is you’ve got a REAL winner here in this TV series. So to “can it” now would be a VERY bad decision especially since you left the season 1 finale WIDE OPEN…!!! Your viewers are now EXPECTING a continuation or season 2 from this show so PLEASE don’t let us down. Quite frankly, i haven’t been this captivated by a TV series since “Dark Shadows” back in the 70’s. And of course lets not forget the “reboot” NBC themselves did in the early 90’s with Ben Cross playing Barnabus Collins which i thought was done VERY VERY well. At least my other favorite TV series Sleepy Hollow on FOX WILL be getting a second season come this fall of 2014 as it was announced right after it’s 2hr finale. So what i suggest or propose doing is replay ALL of Dracula season 1 in a “marathon format” no more than a month before season 2 commences. This way it will get it’s following viewers and any NEW ones “refreshed” and anxious for the second season to begin. The bottom line here is i don’t mind if you switch the show’s time or even the day as i’m quite sure A LOT of fans would agree with me on that. What i DO MIND is cancelling the show altogether and then once again you’ve let your viewers down by doing so. Furthermore, if your that “adamant” about not continuing it on your network for whatever reason then sell the damn show to another network that WOULD benefit from it’s ratings. And gladly pick it up where it left off and provide it’s fans with a season 2 and hopefully many more seasons after that.

  5. I loved season 1 so much i watched it all in just 2 days. It was filled with drama, thrills, romance and some dark humor. I hope they will continue I have never been so into a tv show as much as this. I loved the characters and the actors who played them. I also just loved the love in this and the feelings it gave me. I cant wait to see a season 2.