Dracula Episode 9 “Four Roses” Images & DescriptionDracula Episode 9 “Four Roses” Images & Description
Images and spoiler description for the Dracula episode Four Roses Dracula Episode 9 “Four Roses” Images & Description

NBC has released an episode description and images from the penultimate episode of Dracula Season 1, which is scheduled to air on January 17.

Dracula - Season 1Before we get to the pictures, here is how the network describes it:

As Mina recovers from her attack, Harker joins The Order Of The Dragon and Grayson goes to war with them. Everything begins to unravel. Browning desperately searches for his children, Lady Jane prepares for the ultimate vampire hunt and Lucy confesses her betrayal to Mina, destroying their friendship and ultimately suffering the ultimate backlash. With all the surrounding chaos, Grayson decides to make a heart-felt confession to Mina.

The photo captions list this one as “Through A Lens Darkly;” apparently somewhere along the line the title of this episode changed, as “Four Roses” is the way NBC labels it on the official synopsis. Here are the pics:


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DRACULA -- "Through A Lens Darkly" Episode 109 -- Pictured: Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Alexander Grayson -- (Photo by: Egon Endrenyi/NBC)

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