Doom Patrol Episode 4 Trailer: “Cult Patrol” Doom Patrol Episode 4 Trailer: “Cult Patrol”
Preview trailer for the Doom Patrol episode "Cult Patrol" Doom Patrol Episode 4 Trailer: “Cult Patrol”

“Cult Patrol” is the title of Episode 4 of Doom Patrol on DC Universe, and no, this isn’t the episode where they go to rescue Chloe from Smallville.

Apparently that’s Mark Sheppard of Supernatural fame in the trailer, continuing the run of actors from that show who have appeared on Doom Patrol, with the most recent being Julian Richings as Dr. Von Fuchs.

Also, check out the “Special Thanks” at the end of this week’s show… the series is crediting many of the creators who made the Doom Patrol comic books great. The episode arrives on DC Universe March 8.

If you’ve finished watching “Puppet Patrol” (that’s Episode 3) and want to talk about it with other fans, come by our Doom Patrol discussion forum! (Please join us, it’s lonely in there!)


Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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