Doom Patrol “Cyborg Patrol” Images & Description Doom Patrol “Cyborg Patrol” Images & Description
Official description and preview images with spoilers for the Doom Patrol episode "Cyborg Patrol" Doom Patrol “Cyborg Patrol” Images & Description

A new episode of Doom Patrol lands exclusively on DC Universe this Friday, May 3, and it goes by the title of “Cyborg Patrol!” Yep, this one seems to be a Victor Stone spotlight!

DC Universe has released a description and some preview images. First, here’s the description:

With Vic captured by the Bureau of Normalcy and being held at the Ant Farm, his father, Silas Stone (guest star PHIL MORRIS) hatches a plan to break him out with the rest of the Doom Patrol.  As you can imagine, not everything goes according to plan.

The photos can be found below. “Cyborg Patrol” is written by Robert Berens and Shoshana Sachi and directed by Carol Banker. Phil Morris guest stars as Silas Stone, Devan Chandler Long is 722/Flex Mentallo, and Jon Briddell plays Darren Jones.


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