Doom Patrol #2.4 Photos: “Sex Patrol” Doom Patrol #2.4 Photos: “Sex Patrol”
Official description with photos and spoilers for the Doom Patrol TV episode "Sex Patrol" Doom Patrol #2.4 Photos: “Sex Patrol”

An official description and photos have been released to promote the fourth episode of Doom Patrol Season 2 which arrives July 2 on DC Universe and HBO Max. The title of the episode is “Sex Patrol” – introducing the uncanny SeX-Men!

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Here’s how they describe it:

When the Dannyzens throw a massive party at Doom Manor to resuscitate Danny the Brick, Dorothy longs to join the festivities and experience life as a grown-up. As the party rages on, Rita asks Flex Mentallo (guest star DEVAN CHANDLER LONG) to help unleash her full potential – which has some dangerously racy consequences.

The photos can be found below. Omar Madha directed the episode which was written by Eric Dietel and Tanya (no relation to Cliff) Steele. Guest stars in the episode include Abigail Shapiro as Dorothy, Devan Chandler Long as Flex Mentallo, Alan Mingo Jr. as Maura Lee Karupt, Stephanie Czajkowski as Hammerhead, Michael Tourek as Lt. Kiss, Michael Shenefelt as Cuddles, and Tracey Bonner as Torture.


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