Doom Patrol #2.2 Photos: “Tyme Patrol” Doom Patrol #2.2 Photos: “Tyme Patrol”
Official description and preview images for the Doom Patrol episode "Tyme Patrol" Doom Patrol #2.2 Photos: “Tyme Patrol”

“Tyme Patrol” is the title of the second episode of Doom Patrol Season 2 which, like the season premiere, hits June 25 on HBO Max and DC Universe. Here’s the description with some spoilers:

Cliff, Jane, and Rita pursue Dr. Tyme (guest star BRANDON PEREA) – and his time-altering space mineral – in their reluctant quest to help Niles and Dorothy. At a support group, Vic meets Roni (guest star KAREN OBILOM), a feisty military vet who challenges his beliefs. And Larry comes face-to-face with his past at a funeral.

Harry Jierjian directed the episode which is written by April Fitzsimmons and Neil Reynolds. Guest stars in the episode include Abigail Shapiro as Dorothy Spinnor, John Getz as Paul Trainor, Karen Obilom as Roni Evers, Brandon Perea as Dr. Jonathan Tyme, and Mark Ashworth as Rupert.

Photos from “Tyme Patrol” can be found below, and as a bonus, we have a description for Episode #2.3 “Pain Patrol” which among other things features the return of Bethany Anne Lind as Clara Steele, right under the gallery! Follow @DoomPatrolTV on Twitter for more updates related to the show!


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“Pain Patrol” – In the wake of a terrifying omen, Niles and Rita enter the interdimensional palace of the infamous Red Jack (guest star ROGER FLOYD), who feeds on pain and has taken Larry prisoner. Jane is called to The Underground to receive an ultimatum, while her physical body travels to Florida with Cliff, who’s eager to prove he’s a good father. Back at the manor, Dorothy’s game of hide and seek ends badly.


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