Doctor Who: Two Trailers For “The Angels Take Manhattan”Doctor Who: Two Trailers For “The Angels Take Manhattan”
Doctor Who The Angels Take Manhattan trailers Doctor Who: Two Trailers For “The Angels Take Manhattan”

Warning: Spoilers for upcoming episodes of Doctor Who will be discussed here.

The Ponds say goodbye to The Doctor in the Saturday, September 29 episode of Doctor Who, and, somehow, two trailers for the show, titled “The Angels Take Manhattan,” have already made their way online.

One trailer is the “Next Time…” but from the end of “The Power Of Three,” which airs today. (If you’ve seen it, come talk about it on our Doctor Who forum!) The other appears to be from Canada’s SPACE channel, which always seems to put out the most spoiler-filled trailers of any network in the world.

The Weeping Angels appear to be back, and so does River Song (Alex Kingston).

Enjoy until or unless these trailers are taken off of Youtube:

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