This Week in TV Development: Liberal Rednecks, Nepotism, and Obituary WritersThis Week in TV Development: Liberal Rednecks, Nepotism, and Obituary Writers
KSiteTV has gathered all the TV projects that were officially put into development this past week by the Big Five broadcast networks. This Week in TV Development: Liberal Rednecks, Nepotism, and Obituary Writers

Ready or not, the 2017-18 TV season has officially begun. Which, of course, means it’s time to start looking ahead toward the 2018-19 season.

For those of you who aren’t completely overwhelmed with your increasingly taxed DVR, KSiteTV has gathered the projects that were officially put into development this past week on the Big Five broadcast networks. It’s still too early for pilot orders, of course, but script and put pilot commitments give an indication of what the general mood is around the broadcast networks and what type of shows we could be seeing next fall.

Though legal dramas seem to be the flavor du jour this development season, and police procedurals have their typical ubiquity, there are a few divergences from the typical broadcast mold that indicate that creativity is not dead on the bigger networks.


Bright Futures, a comedy centering on a group of friends navigating the difficult time between post-college and adulthood

Suspects, which blends a police procedural and multi-generational soap

Untitled Trae Crowder, a comedy that follows a liberal-minded redneck who moves back to his hometown in Tennessee

Black Don’t Crack, a comedy about three former sorority sisters who reconnect later in life

Two Cities, a modern adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities

The Heiresses, a family soap set in the world of diamonds


Perfect 10, a hybrid comedy (a’la How I Met Your Mother) about a group of high school friends who reconnect at their 10-year reunion


Shine, a multi-generational dance drama about three distinct women, each at a different point in their lives and careers.

Being Judged, a legal drama centering on the youngest judge in America having to balance her family, love life, and career responsibilities

Strange Conditions, a medical drama set 5 minutes in the future that takes place at the New York Institute of Experimental Medicine

Adam & Eva, a drama about two unique souls who find each other in a city with 8.5 million people

Headshot, a procedural from the perspective of a by-the-book FBI agent who hires a struggling actress as an undercover op

Midnight Lawyer, a legal drama about a lawyer who specializes in cases that happen after dark

The Nepotist, a comedy about a man tired of keeping his family employed

The Dime, a cop drama centering on a lesbian detective who moves from Brooklyn to Dallas

Two Nights, about an ex-cop pulled away from her island home back to the world of law enforcement

The Partner, a legal thriller that tells the story of a white-collar criminal lawyer who returns home to face trial


Untitled Family Legal Drama, centering on the country’s most successful African-American civil rights attorney and his family-run law firm

A&R, a music industry comedy about the young boss of a record label who must deal with a figure from the industry’s past invading his turf

Step Dave, a comedy that centers on the romance between a 20-something bartender and 30-something single mother

Find the Good, a family drama about an obituary writer and mother of four living in Alaska

The CW

Hacktivist, a cyber thriller about best friends recruited into the CIA to bring about social change

Shilo Adams

Shilo Adams is a contributor to KSiteTV who has written for the likes of TVOvermind, ScreenFad, and TVHackr. You can e-mail him at or follow him on Twitter @sda0918.