Daytime Divas Sneak Peek: “We Are Family” Daytime Divas Sneak Peek: “We Are Family”
On the next episode of Daytime Divas, Maxine finds herself set up by new Lunch Hour co-host Cecille, while Kibby throws a sobriety party. Daytime Divas Sneak Peek: “We Are Family”

Maxine has been in the business for decades and with that type of experience comes a savvy that she used to effectively dismiss Anna from The Lunch Hour. With a little help from Nina and plausible deniability, she used the ammo she had on her former assistant without getting her hands dirty. Not only did she gift the chance for Nina to exact a little revenge on Anna, she guaranteed that anything Anna did to try and get back at the show wouldn’t be taken seriously, thereby ensuring the book (and what really happened that night with Ted) would never come out. However, just because Anna has her hands tied doesn’t mean that Maxine’s past has been locked away for good.

On the next episode of Daytime Divas, the search for the next Lunch Hour co-host begins again with dating expert Cecille, who surprises Maxine with an on-air fix-up. Though Maxine plays along for the sake of the show, she inadvertently steps on William’s toes by accepting the date in the first place; he knows (and generally accepts) that they can’t be together, but it’s one thing for the two’s relationship to remain behind closed doors and it’s another to see the woman he loves dating, let alone someone above his station. Most interestingly, William is one of the few people who knows the truth about what happened with Ted, so if Maxine is callous enough with his feelings, she might inadvertently open up the Pandora’s box of secrets that she’s been holding onto for years. Or, at the very least, lose an alibi she could need if Anna and Phillip make enough progress with their investigation.

Elsewhere on Daytime Divas, Kibby throws a party to celebrate her year of sobriety, while Nina grapples with the possibility of coming forward with her plagiarism and losing her Pulitzer and Heather tries to make the best of a bad situation after moving in with Mo.

Daytime Divas airs Mondays at 10:00 on VH1.

Will Maxine make a connection with the man that Cecille sets her up with? How will Maxine accepting the date in the first place impact her relationship with William? Could Kibby’s sobriety party trigger her need to use?


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