Daytime Divas Sneak Peek: “Shut It Down” Daytime Divas Sneak Peek: “Shut It Down”
On the next episode of Daytime Divas, The Lunch Hour begins looking for a permanent replacement for Mo, while Nina's personal life implodes on... Daytime Divas Sneak Peek: “Shut It Down”

Mo managed to overstep her bounds with Maxine by having sex with Leon in left chair. Initially, she thought it would be a private way of getting back at her boss, a way of sticking it to Maxine without putting her neck on the line, but Mo didn’t take into account the security cameras at The Lunch Hour. Though Maxine didn’t go hunting for the culprit behind her chair’s recent readjustment, she still got a full view of her co-host’s disrespectful act, more than enough ammunition to sack Mo for good and win their feud once and for all. But before Maxine can fully celebrate this latest win, she’s going to have to deal with the fact that the panel needs to be filled out.

On the next episode of Daytime Divas, The Lunch Hour begins its search for a new co-host to fill Mo’s vacant chair, with popular lifestyle guru Portia Camden emerging as the first candidate. However, instead of being excited at the thought of gaining another “sister,” the other ladies on the panel want no part of a permanent replacement for Mo. With Mo gone, they all get a little more spotlight and they want to take advantage of the opportunity while they can, so rather than being welcoming toward Portia, they’re going to freeze her out and either rattle her performance so that the executives don’t pick her or make her feel so unwelcome that she won’t want the job anymore. But even if they can get under Portia’s skin enough to force her out, how many times can the other ladies do the same thing before Shawn and the other producers take notice?

Elsewhere on Daytime Divas, Nina’s professionalism is tested when her complicated personal life implodes while she’s on air, while Kibby confronts former childhood nemesis Maddie and Maxine reaches deep into her bag of tricks in order to keep Anna’s tell-all from happening.

Daytime Divas airs Mondays at 10:00 on VH1.

Will Shawn eventually force a new co-host on The Lunch Hour, no matter how much the panel protests? Could confirmation that Nina is one of the parties in the Page Six blind item be coming? What will it take for Maxine to quash Anna’s tell-all and keep her sterling reputation in tact?


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