Daytime Divas Sneak Peek: “Blind Items” Daytime Divas Sneak Peek: “Blind Items”
On the next episode of Daytime Divas, Maxine goes on the warpath following a Page Six blind item, while Nina learns a secret about... Daytime Divas Sneak Peek: “Blind Items”

After years of playing second fiddle to Maxine, Mo thought she had her boss right where she wanted her. Not only had Maxine made a fool of herself in front of the network thanks to the interview cards being switched, Mo was the only member of the panel who knew the reality behind Maxine’s coma. In order to avoid it becoming public knowledge that she had a little outside assistance in maintaining her youthful appearance, Maxine would (at least theoretically) acquiesce to whatever Mo wanted – more individual segments, some time in left chair, access to connections that would take her career to the next level. However, Maxine was able to frame her botched cosmetic surgery in a perfect way, emphasizing the pressure that women of a certain age are under to look their best, and strip Mo of what leverage she previously enjoyed.

On the next episode of Daytime Divas, Mo is regrouping after Maxine’s victory. She might be down without the medical records to use as a weapon, but she is certainly not out; only this time, Mo is opting for pettiness over progress, as she and Leon have sex in Maxine’s chair without her knowledge. Though this isn’t the only facet of Mo’s latest plan against Maxine, not when an upcoming guest appearance by Kelly Osbourne provides an opportunity to strike, it’s something to channel her professional frustration (and love of Leon’s penis) into, a way to direct the anger she feels toward Maxine into something she enjoys. If nothing else, she has the satisfaction in knowing that Maxine will be sitting there with no knowledge of what happened only hours earlier and while that might not be enough for most people, for the time being, it’s a win for Mo.

Elsewhere on Daytime Divas, Nina learns a secret about Andrew that causes her to reevaluate their relationship, while Maxine goes on the warpath following an unflattering Page Six blind item.

Daytime Divas airs Mondays at 10:00 on VH1.

What will Maxine do if/when she finds out about Mo having sex in her chair? Could Andrew’s secret be bad enough that Nina considers ending their marriage? Where do you think the blind item about The Lunch Hour could’ve originated?


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