Daytime Divas Season Finale Sneak Peek: “Whose Show Is It Anyway?” Daytime Divas Season Finale Sneak Peek: “Whose Show Is It Anyway?”
On the season finale of Daytime Divas, Maxine schemes to control an increasingly erratic Mo, while Kibby spirals further out of control. Daytime Divas Season Finale Sneak Peek: “Whose Show Is It Anyway?”

The set of The Lunch Hour has been extremely volatile lately. Not only have the First Ladies of Daytime had to deal with an infidelity scandal that could’ve alienated their core audience, they’ve had several negative on-air incidents, the search for the next co-host hasn’t exactly gone as planned, and the personal issues each host brings every day have spilled over at the most inopportune times. On top of all this, Mo is back in the building after being rehired during Maxine’s DTA speech, meaning that the tension between the alpha dog and aspiring alpha dog will begin suffocating the entire set once more. How could things get any worse?

On the season finale of Daytime Divas, Heather brings her gun to set. Being the staunch conservative that she is, she’s more than comfortable exercising her second amendment rights, complete with a concealed carry license and a pink handle for her weapon. Of course, after Nina’s incident with her stalker, it’s understandable if the other Lunch Hour ladies are still feeling a little vulnerable, but the last thing the set needs right now is access to firearms. While Maxine and Mo might not exactly have a re-do of their high heels at high noon moment, this time with real stakes, you never know what’s going to happen at The Lunch Hour and introducing this new variable brings a sense of danger that the other catty run-ins and social jenga lacked. As a result, could someone at The Lunch Hour end up with a bigger problem than who sits in left chair or whether their new album gets a plug?

Elsewhere on Daytime Divas, Maxine works overtime to keep Mo from trying to take over the show, while Kibby’s downward spiral puts the entire cast of The Lunch Hour in danger.

The two-hour season finale of Daytime Divas airs Monday at 10:00 on VH1.

Will Heather’s gun end up going off? How can Maxine control Mo without Mo realizing it? What could pull Kibby back from the brink and get her to refocus on her sobriety?


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