Dallas: “Hurt” Spoiler Photos Dallas: “Hurt” Spoiler Photos
Preview images for the September 1 episode of TNT's Dallas, which is called Hurt Dallas: “Hurt” Spoiler Photos

Dallas finally returns to TNT on Monday night, August 18, and now, the cable channel has released some promotional images for the third episode back, which is called “Hurt.”

From the look of these images, it appears Elena (Jordana Brewster) has finally confronted the Ewings about what J.R. did with her father’s land all those years ago. There’s also a bit of a spoiler within, as Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) is up and about, and she’s also not looking too happy.

24174_011_1440_R_6755_Here’s the official description for the episode, which confirms some of our suspicions:

In a thrilling showdown, Elena finally confronts the Ewings for what J.R. did to her father and for framing Cliff. Sue Ellen, Pamela and Ann are shocked over the truths Elena exposes, realigning relationships and forcing Bobby to re-examine the steps he took to implement J.R.’s master plan. Meanwhile, Nicolas’ plan to steal Ewing Global for the Cartel moves forward, setting the stage for a new battle.

Here are the new pics. “Hurt” airs September 1 on TNT.


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