Nashville, CSI: Cyber & Containment All Canceled Nashville, CSI: Cyber & Containment All Canceled
It has been announced that Nashville, CSI: Cyber, and Containment are all ending after the current TV season. Nashville, CSI: Cyber & Containment All Canceled

While some shows are celebrating some last-minute renewal news — like Supergirl, which is moving to The CW — some shows were not so lucky as to be coming back next year.

Of the recent casualties of Upfronts ’16, with more surely to come:

Containment will live up to the name “limited series event” as the Julie Plec-produced series will be done after its current first season. Chris Wood and his wifebeater will hopefully live on in another CW series in the near future.

While Ted Danson has a new show Good Place coming to NBC, his former series wasn’t so lucky. Dawson, Bow Wow, and Oscar winner Patricia Arquette now have to look for new work, as CSI: Cyber is done. This is the first time in 16 years that there will not be a CSI show on CBS.

Finally — for now at least — despite lining up some new creative talents, Nashville will conclude after 4 seasons and won’t be back for Season 5. Their song is over.

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Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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