Containment Trailer: First Look at The CW’s New Virus Drama Containment Trailer: First Look at The CW’s New Virus Drama
The CW has released a first look at upcoming virus drama Containment, which will premiere sometime this midseason. Containment Trailer: First Look at The CW’s New Virus Drama

CON01_JF_0001From Julie Plec (The Vampire Diaries) comes Containment, the story of what happens following a sudden and mysterious outbreak that originates in Atlanta. While those inside the cordon are forced to fight for their lives in hopes of giving scientists and governmental officials enough time to come up with a cure, it soon becomes apparent that there was more to the quarantine than what anybody admitted. Torn apart from their loved ones and with seemingly no reunion in sight, the survivors of the outbreak will not only have to brave a seemingly 100% fatal disease, they’ll have to deal with a crumbling society and the subsequent paranoia that makes every day all the more dangerous. But how many survivors will be able to make it through the quarantine, figure out the conspiracy, and emerge on the other side with their lives in tact? Could the quarantine itself be more deadly than the outbreak?

Containment stars Claudia Black (The Originals), Chris Wood (The Vampire Diaries), David Gyasi (Interstellar), Trevor St. John (The Bourne Ultimatum), and Kristen Gutoskie (Restless Spirits).

Containment will air this midseason on The CW. You can check out the full CW fall 2015 schedule here.

Will you be watching Containment? Are you surprised that the show was held for midseason? How long do you think a premise like this could feasibly stretch?


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