Containment: EP Julie Plec On Recruiting TVD’s Chris Wood For Her New Drama Series Containment: EP Julie Plec On Recruiting TVD’s Chris Wood For Her New Drama Series
Julie Plec recalls the casting process that brought Chris Wood to her new show Containment. Containment: EP Julie Plec On Recruiting TVD’s Chris Wood For Her New Drama Series

Executive Producer Julie Plec‘s new CW series Containment premieres on Tuesday night, April 19… and when it came to finding a lead actor, the series went to someone who had made quite an impact on one of Plec’s other shows, The Vampire Diaries.

That actor is Chris Wood, who played “Kai” on the vampire drama… and interestingly enough, Plec originally worried he’d be too young to take the role of “Jake” in the virus outbreak series. However, the producer admits that she “hated the idea of him going to work for someone else.”

Containment Chris Wood“I felt like he was this incredible find — this diamond that we had dug up in the desert — and couldn’t imagine him going to do somebody else’s show,” Plec recalls, so she brought him in to audition for Containment anyway and see what the other decision makers might think. Wood had read the script for the show and was quite excited about the prospect.

Fortunately for Chris Wood, the audition went very well. “David Nutter was like, ‘that kid is fantastic. He’s it for me. I want him.’ I was like, ‘You don’t think he’s too young?’ and he was like ‘No, no! Tell him to grow some facial hair, he’ll look great!’ And lo and behold, here we are,” Julie remembers.

Hopefully some of those Vampire Diaries fans who loved Kai even though he was a bit psychotic will be tuning in. “There’s a lot of [fans] that are very excited to see what we’re doing next, and there’s a lot of goodwill for Chris which is fantastic. He made a really big splash in the Vampire Diaries fan community, and I think that they’re all looking forward to see what he does,” Plec says hopefully, reassuring that Kai was not killed to ensure Wood’s availability for the new show.

Will Containment appeal to those Vampire Diaries fans? “The show is so grown-up,” she says. “I think the audience that started watching Vampire Diaries however young, they’re adults [now], so to be able to show them ‘hey. I’m a grown up too.’ Look what we did together. We grew up and we’re tackling and diving into all these really extreme circumstances and these deep themes. I hope they’ll like it.”

You can see a trailer for Containment below; our KSiteTV hub with more news and interviews related to the series can be found here. Stay tuned for more coverage as Tuesday night gets closer!


Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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