Matt Ryan Returns As John Constantine – Again! Matt Ryan Returns As John Constantine – Again!
Matt Ryan will be playing the role of John Constantine once again. Matt Ryan Returns As John Constantine – Again!

The recent home video release of Batman: The Killing Joke comes with a sneak peek of the upcoming Justice League Dark animated feature… and within that sneak peek is the cast list for that movie, which features characters from the darker side of the DC Universe.

The main character of the feature? John Constantine, as voiced by an actor named Matt Ryan. If all of that sounds familiar, it should – Matt Ryan starred in the too-short-lived NBC series Constantine as well as a guest shot in Arrow for Season 4. Fans still want a second season of Constantine, so much that any article fabricating news about a Season 2 seems to go viral even when it’s not based in any reality, and this, at least, might be the next best thing to it actually happening.

You can watch a video preview containing a little bit of interview material with Matt Ryan below.


Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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