Community Season 6 Trailer Online! Community Season 6 Trailer Online!
The trailer for Yahoo Screen's revived Community. Community Season 6 Trailer Online!

CommunityYahoo! has finally released an official trailer for the revived sixth season of Community, which will debut episode-by-episode starting Tuesday, March 17 on Yahoo Screen.

The trailer is a sly parody of overdramatic blockbuster action trailers, particularly Avengers: Age of Ultron in this case. We have our first glimpses at Keith David and Paget Brewster’s new characters, and our first acknowledgements of how the group will react to Shirley’s departure. (Hint: they totally notice the decreasing racial diversity.) There’s also a whole mix of the usual out-of-context shenanigans and a mission to “Keep Greendale Weird,” so it’s pretty evident that the show isn’t going to be that different despite its new home. And that’s a good thing.

Enjoy the trailer below!

Derek B. Gayle

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