Freeform Casts Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger Freeform Casts Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger
Aubrey Joseph and Olivia Holt are Marvel's Cloak & Dagger for Freeform. Freeform Casts Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger

Deadline has uncovered the identities of the two leads who will be starring in Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger for Freeform, and no, they aren’t the two actors that some sites erroneously ran with last week.

Cloak & Dagger is, of course, based on the Marvel Comics characters and is the first Freeform-Marvel production to actually happen so far.

neutrogena-olivia-holt-c8d814e1-2f90-4770-921e-1da429ed3040Olivia Holt (Kickin’ It) plays Tandy Bowen, a.k.a. Dagger. Here’s how the character is being officially described:

Once a privileged little girl, Tandy Bowen watched as her family was destroyed by a disastrous storm that uprooted her life.  Now in her late teens, an unexpected encounter with a boy named Tyrone sparks a life changing event.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 1.05.58 PMMeanwhile, Aubrey Joseph (The Night Of) has been cast as Tyrone Johnson, a.k.a. Cloak. Here’s how they describe that character:

Young Tyrone Johnson wanted nothing more than to prove he was fearless.  But when everything he held close was taken away, life taught Tyrone to be afraid.   Now older and more sheltered,  Tyrone closes himself off.  But when he meets a girl named Tandy his life changes Forever.

Additionally, Deadline includes this description of the series, which we assume is from the logline:

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger follows the interracial romance between Tandy Bowen (Holt) and Tyrone Johnson (Joseph), who come from starkly different backgrounds, each growing up with a secret they never dared share with another soul. Tandy can emit light daggers and Tyrone has the ability to engulf others in darkness. They quickly learn they are better together than apart — but their feelings for each other make their already complicated world even more challenging.

cloakdaggerlim1“The characters of Tandy and Tyrone have always stood out to me ever since I first met them in the pages of Marvel comics when I was a boy,” Cloak & Dagger executive producer/showrunner  Joe Pokaski said in a statement posted at Deadline. “When  Olivia and Aubrey read for the roles, these characters lept off the page.  We’re so excited to see what these talented young actors bring to the Marvel Universe.”

“Marvel is delighted to have found our “Cloak & Dagger,” added Jeph Loeb, Head of Marvel Television and Executive Producer. “Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph encompass the true essence of the characters and we are excited for the audience to see them in these roles.”

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