Claws Season 2 Premiere Photos and Preview: “Shook” Claws Season 2 Premiere Photos and Preview: “Shook”
On the season premiere of Claws, Desna tries to remain hopeful working under the Russians, while Virginia tells Dean she's pregnant with their baby. Claws Season 2 Premiere Photos and Preview: “Shook”

Desna and the girls got into money laundering because it seemed like a quick, lucrative method of supplementing what would’ve been a far more mediocre income without it. Each of the women at Nail Artisans wants a better life for themselves and their loved ones and if they have to deal with Clay’s power trips or Dr. Brickman’s shenanigans in order to get that, hey, so be it. What danger they face through their association with the Dixie Mafia is generally offset by the autonomy that Clay allows them and how not in the line of fire they actually are. However, now that the Russians are in charge, Desna, Polly, Jenn, Ann, and Virginia are in as deep a trouble as they’ve ever been.

On the season premiere of Claws, the girls try to find a sense of hope despite a seemingly hopeless situation, as they’re all now working under the Russians and, specifically, Riva. There was always a light at the end of the tunnel while they were working for Clay, in that if things were to get bad enough, they could probably get out without too much harm done. Now, though, they’re at the behest of someone with no personal connection to them, no qualms about putting them in a more dangerous position than they ever were with Clay, and no desire to give them any more money than she absolutely has to. Most terrifyingly, they’re stuck somewhere with no feasible escape hatch; granted, they have one another to lean on during this trying time, but they’re going to need more than that if they have any hope at getting out from under Riva’s thumb.

Elsewhere on Claws, Clay falls into a deep depression after Juanda’s death and the loss of his Dixie Mafia power, while Virginia tells Dean she’s pregnant with their baby, the arrival of Riva’s sister Zlata changes the dynamic for everyone at Nail Artisans, and Polly finds herself the new madam of an all-male dance troupe.

The second season of Claws premieres Sunday, June 10th at 9:00 on TNT.


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