Claws Photos and Sneak Peek: “Cracker Casserole” Claws Photos and Sneak Peek: “Cracker Casserole”
On the next episode of Claws, Zlata turns the heat up on Desna to find more traffic for the clinic, while Virginia tells the... Claws Photos and Sneak Peek: “Cracker Casserole”

Prior to the arrival of Zlata, Desna and the rest of the baddest bitches in Palmetto were already up against it, as they found themselves under the thumb of Russian gangsters. Resourceful they may be, Riva would be a lot for anyone to deal with, much less people who aren’t exactly career criminals and only find themselves in this mess out of necessity. But the ease with which Zlata was able to dispatch the boogeyman that was Riva told Desna, Jennifer, Ann, Polly, and Virginia that as much trouble as they thought they were in before, they had only fallen deeper into the abyss.

On the next episode of Claws, Zlata stretches her legs with her sister out of the way and Olga back in her orbit. Already full of ideas as to how to make things better all around, she’s now putting the heat on Desna to drive up traffic to the clinic; part of the reason that the clinic had been so successful for the Hussers was the carefulness they exhibited and how they knew how to slip under the radar. Zlata’s plan to go bigger and bolder will only draw more attention to what they’re trying to do, and doesn’t seem all that necessary considering the number of economic tributaries that are flowing toward the same general fund, but to buy themselves time, the ladies of Nail Artisans will have to go along for the ride.

Elsewhere on Claws, Quiet Ann is tasked with helping Virginia and Dean sort out their situation.

Claws airs Sundays at 9:00 on TNT.


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