Claws Photos and Sneak Peek: “Scream” Claws Photos and Sneak Peek: “Scream”
On the next episode of Claws, Desna puts together a spa day for Matilde, while Ann receives an unexpected visit from her brother. Claws Photos and Sneak Peek: “Scream”

Quiet Ann is someone whose goodness makes it easy for people to lean on her in times of need. She’s calm in a crisis, tough when she has to be, and can get things done when no one else can, so with the Russians having taken over the Husser family empire and Palmetto a little less comfortable than it used to be, it makes sense that Desna and the rest of the girls at Nail Artisans would seek out Ann’s help. However, Ann’s stoicism and willingness to go the extra mile for her friends can get her into trouble, as they make her vulnerable to being taken advantage of and on the next episode of Claws, that really starts to weigh on her.

At least partially due to Desna’s role in ending the relationship between Ann and Arlene. Ann doesn’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to dating and even though her proximity to Arlene could’ve made things tense at Nail Artisans, it’s another example of how she’s had to sacrifice for one of her friends. Of course, Ann loves Desna like family, but the combination of loneliness from losing Arlene and frustration over Desna putting more emphasis on her relationships with Ruval and Zlata make this the time for her to stand up for herself. Being the errand boy for her friends is one thing if their relationships are all strong and healthy; it’s a whole other can of worms to have to be the rock for a friend when A) it’s expected and B) not reciprocated. But would Ann be willing to separate herself from Desna if things don’t change soon?

Elsewhere on Claws, Desna follows through on the spa day she promised Matilde and the girls from Ruval’s charity, while Jennifer continues to spiral after Bryce threatened to go to DCFS and Ann receives an unexpected visit from her brother.

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