Claws Preview and Sneak Peek: “Funerary”Claws Preview and Sneak Peek: “Funerary”
On the next episode of Claws, Desna and Virginia prepare a cover story following their encounter with Roller. Claws Preview and Sneak Peek: “Funerary”

Desna thought that she would be done with the criminal lifestyle after the year she put into Roller’s operation. She would wash the money from the clinic, cash out at the end of the year, and go on to build the life for herself that she dreamed about; she would be able to start up a new and improved salon while taking care of Dean and ensuring that her girls had the means to provide for themselves and those they loved. However, after she and Roller got into a physical altercation, all bets for a calm, quiet life were off, with Virginia’s bullet into his chest effectively putting a target on their backs. But how will she and Virginia evade the Dixie Mafia and keep the heat from Roller’s death from burning them alive?

On the next episode of Claws, Desna and Virginia concoct a cover story to tell the other ladies following their encounter with Roller. Though Quiet Ann, Jenn, and Polly would do anything for Desna, the less people that know about what happened, the better and there’s no way that Desna wants to drag any more of her loved ones into the tangled web she weaved for herself by her involvement with Roller. What seemed like easy money that was too good to be true turned out to be exactly that, as Desna’s desire for a better life outweighed the warning signs of becoming entwined with the Dixie Mafia. Now not only is her dream of a new salon looking like a more remote possibility by the hour, not only does she have to work alongside erratic, reckless Virginia to keep one another safe, Desna is faced with a world where not losing any of her loved ones to a rampaging, revenge-minded Uncle Daddy would be a major victory.

Claws airs Sundays at 9:00 on TNT.

Will Desna and Virginia’s story keep suspicion over Roller’s death from falling on them? Given the reach and influence of the Dixie Mafia, is a showdown with Uncle Daddy inevitable? Would it have been better for Desna and Virginia to have non-lethally subdued Roller and escaped with their lives or did they have no choice in doing what they did?

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