Claws Season Finale Photos and Preview: “Avalanche” Claws Season Finale Photos and Preview: “Avalanche”
On the season finale of Claws, Polly, Virginia, and Dean go searching for Desna, while Roller looks to evade the Russians. Claws Season Finale Photos and Preview: “Avalanche”

Desna managed to shake Roller at the amusement park he planned to kill her at by playing on his fragile state of mind. When pleading and reasoning with him didn’t work, and when coming up with ideas of how to handle Uncle Daddy and the Russians failed to dissuade him from going through with his plan, Desna was forced into making a move or else lose her life. Even though she dropped hints to both Virginia and Dean that she wasn’t okay, she knew that she couldn’t count on them to find her in time, so it was on her to take this situation into her own hands. But just because Desna was able to escape Roller’s clutches once doesn’t mean that she’s free for good and on the season finale of Claws, she’s left scrambling to figure out her next move.

Complicating matters is the fact that Roller could very easily head straight to Uncle Daddy and let him know that it was Virginia and Desna, not the Russians, who were responsible for his near-death experience. Granted, Roller didn’t seem that ready to reach out to Clay with the Russians at his back, so it’s conceivable that he opts to finish the job alone as a way to prove himself to his uncle; however, Roller hasn’t gotten as far as he has by being stupid, so using Uncle Daddy’s resources to locate Desna might by the uncomfortable means to an end that he needs. In order to save herself from a seemingly inevitable fate, or at least give Polly, Dean, and Ann time enough to track her down, Desna might end up having to make a sacrifice that shakes her crew to the core.

Elsewhere on Claws, Jennifer grows closer with Hank the worse things get with Bryce.

The season finale of Claws airs Sunday at 9:00 on TNT. The series has already been renewed for a second season.

What will it take for Desna to be free and clear of Roller for good? Is it enough to just hope that Riva sends more Russians after him once she figures out that he escaped? If Jennifer’s life fully implodes with all the chaos going on around it, could she be in danger for her recent connection with Hank?

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