Claws Trailer: First Look at Season 3 Claws Trailer: First Look at Season 3
TNT has released the trailer for season three of hit dramedy Claws, which follows Desna and her girls as they enter the gambling world. Claws Trailer: First Look at Season 3

TNT has released the trailer for Claws season three and in it, we see Desna and the rest of her girls making a play to expand their empire.

Season two of Claws concluded with Desna dodging an ill-fated marriage with Dr. Ruval, taking out would-be mentor Zlata, and inheriting a casino. It was a series of major wins that saw Desna repairing her frayed relationships with the girls, protecting Dean while respecting his desire for autonomy, and rising even further up the ranks in the Manatee County crime world. However, Desna’s feelings of relief were punctured when Virginia was the victim of a drive-by.

Season three picks up with Desna’s feet firmly in the world of gambling, this time facing off with Mac (Michael Horse) and Melba (Rebecca Creskhoff). Desna and her girls have been through a lot to get to this point, so nobody is going to stand in the way of them not only tapping into the cash cow that is a casino but running Florida as a whole.

The third season of Claws is set to premiere Sunday, June 9th at 9:00 on TNT.


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