Claws Season Finale Photos and Preview: “Breezy” Claws Season Finale Photos and Preview: “Breezy”
On the season finale of Claws, Desna proceeds with her plan to double cross Ruval as a hurricane bares down on Palmetto. Claws Season Finale Photos and Preview: “Breezy”

Desna’s betrayal at the hands of Ruval and Zlata helped expedite her acceptance of her role as a criminal. She knew that she was good at navigating the drug trade and that there was no way she could go back to a regular life filled with financial difficulties, but having her life placed in jeopardy by two people she thought she could trust made it easier to embrace who she is. Thus, if she can weaponize the lower expectations placed on her by Ruval and Zlata’s very specific brand of female empowerment, she can hit them when they least expect it, exacting the revenge that she so desperately longs for and reasserting herself as the Dona of Manatee County. But will Desna be able to escape this situation completely unscathed? 

On the season finale of Claws, a hurricane bears down on Palmetto just as Desna’s wedding to Ruval approaches. She’s already having complicated feelings about this plan, considering how a life of crime would make it difficult for her to find someone to really marry, but Desna knows that this is the one opportunity she’s going to get to take out Ruval. In order to get everything signed over to her, she’s got to go through with this wedding and keep the reality of the situation as close to the vest as possible for just a little while longer. Yet the most difficult part of her plan isn’t the continued hoodwinking of Ruval; rather, it’ll be double crossing Zlata instead of signing everything over to her upon Ruval’s death. Zlata is smarter than the average bear and a key ingredient in Desna’s recent empowerment, so there’s certainly the possibility that Desna will either blink when the time comes to assert her dominance or have her true plan sniffed out before she can set it into motion. But with Desna knowing that Ruval’s holdings are more than either she thought or Zlata disclosed, her ambition and desire for vengeance might be too much for Zlata to overcome.

The season finale of Claws airs Sunday at 9:00 on TNT. The series has already been renewed for a third season.


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