Claws Photos and Preview: “Vaginalologist” Claws Photos and Preview: “Vaginalologist”
On the next episode of Claws, Desna grows closer to Ruval and Zlata, while Dean fulfills a dream and Uncle Daddy gets his groove... Claws Photos and Preview: “Vaginalologist”

Initially, Desna entered into the criminal world as a means to an end. She wanted to provide the type of life for her girls and Dean that none of them had yet experienced; though they all could’ve made ends meet working the salon legitimately, if there was an opportunity for them to be upwardly mobile, they were going to take it. However, the further Desna has sunk into a life of pill pushing and money laundering, the more she realizes that she’s good at it and that she could make some serious money if she keeps her head down. But with more clinics on the horizon and other income avenues opening up, is she allowing herself to become tangled in Zlata’s web?

On the next episode of Claws, Desna continues to grow closer with Zlata despite the warnings from the rest of her crew. Even with the blow up with Ann still fresh in her mind, Desna identifies with Zlata as one boss to another and likes that Zlata has not only been giving her positive reinforcement but making their operation bigger and better than Uncle Daddy ever did. As much as she might love the girls from Nail Artisans, none of them understand the type of pressure she’s under to perform and all that goes into being in a position of power in an operation like this, so Zlata provides her with a perspective that she hadn’t gotten anywhere before. When the Russians took over the Husser territory, Desna initially thought that she had to do everything possible to get out from under this new regime, but with a powerful female ally like Zlata helping to really rake in the money, would she be willing to rock the boat right now? If not, what type of damage will this cause her relationships with the girls?

Elsewhere on Claws, Dean’s stint with Polly’s crew affords him the opportunity to live a dream, while Uncle Daddy goes forth with a move against Zlata and Arlene presses Ken for incriminating information on the clinic.

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