Claws Photos and Preview: “Russian Navy” Claws Photos and Preview: “Russian Navy”
On the next episode of Claws, Ruval introduces Desna to his mother, while Polly tries to keep Marnie from pulling away from her. Claws Photos and Preview: “Russian Navy”

Through all the madness with the Russians and Zlata’s assassination of Riva, Desna has had to lean on her support system more than ever. Granted, her girls are all going through their own things and Dean’s quest for independence has been a little bumpy, but without each and every one of them, Desna would be in a much worse position emotionally than she is now. Also helping matters is Dr. Ruval, who has given Desna time away from worrying about pregnancies, money, and her own safety; the hours she spends with him allow her to decompress and feel some semblance of normalcy amid the chaos, but what happens when he wants to take things to the next level?

On the next episode of Claws, things with Dr. Ruval are taken to the next level when Desna meets his mother Matilde out on a boat trip. This should be a joyous occasion, moving forward with a man who has only shown her kindness, but the dynamic between Ruval and Matilde is off enough that Desna’s faith in her man is shook for the first time. She wants so badly for him to be real and for what they have to not be built on any falsehoods that she might be willing to overlook something that could easily be explained away. Yet Desna’s instincts are too good to not suss out Ruval’s true intentions and how his “too good to be true” act might be exactly that – an act.

Elsewhere on Claws, Polly becomes more concerned about Marnie as the teenager continues pulling away from her.

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Will Desna allow herself to really interrogate her relationship with Ruval after this boat trip? How long will it take her to figure out that he’s playing her? Do you think that Matilde is even Ruval’s mother or have the Haitians set something up to lure Desna into a false sense of security?


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