Claws Photos and Preview: “Ambrosia” Claws Photos and Preview: “Ambrosia”
On the next episode of Claws, Desna tries to get out of Roller's clutches, while Jennifer learns to cope with her life as a... Claws Photos and Preview: “Ambrosia”

Desna’s resourcefulness has been the key to her survival. She would have never made it raising Dean on her own and building up her nail salon if she wasn’t a combination of too stubborn to give up and too smart to run out of options. Most people in Desna’s position with the baggage of her past would have thrown in the towel long ago, but Desna wants (and, most importantly, needs) success in all its incarnations and until recently, she had been forging a nice life for herself. But Roller’s return from the “dead” now threatens to burn everything down; after playing possum long enough to lull her into a false sense of security, he’s bound and determined to get revenge on her attempt on his life, to reassert his masculinity after being usurped by Bryce through an act of violence. But can Desna’s quick thinking come through for her in her time of need?

On the next episode of Claws, Desna is in the worst situation she’s ever been, held captive by Roller with no one knowing that she’s even been taken. She has to make a move if she has any hope of survival, as Roller isn’t exactly someone willing to negotiate or hear her side of the story, but Desna needs to be especially careful about what she does and where she does it. If she acts too soon, she could blow her chance at escaping Roller’s clutches and let her antsiness inadvertently seal her fate; if she tries to escape without anyone around, she could easily be caught again and put under the type of restraints that would keep her from doing it again. The best plan of action is to get someone else, anyone else, to notice that she’s being held hostage, as A) even the distraction that comes with having a conversation with someone else could give her enough time to get loose and make a break for it and B) the right person noticing could get her away from Roller themselves. But even if Desna gets an assist from someone else in her bid to escape, who will she go to with Roller right on her tail?

Elsewhere on Claws, Jennifer begins adjusting to life as a Dixie Mafia wife now that Bryce has gone off the deep end, while Arlene goes after a warrant to arrest Desna after finding an important piece of evidence on the dock.

Claws airs Sundays at 9:00 on TNT.

How will Desna save herself from Roller’s captivity? If she manages to make it back to Palmetto in one piece, what happens if/when Roller lets Uncle Daddy know that she and Virginia were behind the “murder”? Can Jennifer eventually reach Bryce and get him to scale back his involvement with the clinic?

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