Thanksgiving Bummer: Florence Henderson Has Passed Away Thanksgiving Bummer: Florence Henderson Has Passed Away
TV's "Carol Brady" herself, Florence Henderson, has died. Thanksgiving Bummer: Florence Henderson Has Passed Away

A lovely lady whose TV character will forever be remembered as one of the medium’s all-time best moms is no longer with us, as the Associated Press is reporting that actress Florence Henderson has passed away.

Florence HendersonWhile Henderson’s career spanned decades and she was even seen at the taping of Dancing With The Stars earlier this week, Henderson will most be associated with the role of mom Carol Brady on The Brady Bunch and its various spin-offs. She even appeared in The Brady Bunch Movie in a memorable cameo. Viewers can pick out a Brady episode just from the look of Florence Henderson’s hair in a particular episode, and although the actress was quite glamorous, some of her hairstyles from the show have not aged well.

The 82-year-old Florence Henderson is the third square from the Brady Bunch opening titles to pass away. Robert Reed, who played father Mike, died in 1992; Ann B. Davis, a.k.a. lovable housekeeper “Alice,” passed two years ago. As a tribute to this fantastic woman, here’s a reminder of what an amazing voice she had — something we will continue to enjoy for Christmases for generations to come:

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