The CW has released several images from “Hammer of the Gods,” the April 22 episode of Supernatural. Several of the images feature guest star Richard Speight, Jr. as Gabriel. Find them in the SPNsite Gallery! Read more is listing a whole lot of Warner Bros.-produced titles as available to pre-order today (see the individual sites), and another one now announced is the pre-order for Supernatural: The Complete Fifth Season on DVD and Blu-ray. If you pre-order your copies now, you’ll be supporting KSiteTV: Supernatural Season... Read more
The CW has released several images from “Point of No Return,” the 100th episode of Supernatural scheduled to air on April 15. There might be some big spoilers within. Check them out! Read more
The CW was so happy with last night’s improved ratings for The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural that they issued a press release about them. (Remember for more on The Vampire Diaries visit!) Here’s the release: THE CW’S “VAMPIRE DIARIES” TAKES WING WITH BIG WEEK-TO-WEEK GAINS THE VAMPIRE DIARIES... Read more
Here’s the promotional trailer for “Point of No Return,” the April 15 episode of Supernatural. Thanks to SycloneFX! Read more
There are several TV-related panels planned for this weekend’s WonderCon in San Francisco. In addition to Chuck and Human Target cast appearances, special sneak previews including V and Ghostfacers will be highlighted. Here are some highlights: Friday, April 2 12:30-1:30 Battlestar, Caprica, and Beyond Forum and Discussion— BSG actor... Read more
The CW has released their official write-up for the April 22 episode of Supernatural. Find it below the cut: Read more
The CW has released their official description for the 100th episode of Supernatural, which airs on April 15. The episode is called “Point Of No Return.” Find the description under the cut: Read more
Warner Home Video has announced that the first season of Supernatural is finally coming to the Blu-ray format on June 15. The set will include over 2 hours of new Blu-ray features, including the Supernatural Paley Festival discussion, commentaries, and more. An update will be posted when the set... Read more