Thanks to Andreas, here’s a look at the DVD art and extras for the Region 2 “Season 5, Volume 1” DVD of Supernatural. (Overseas, Supernatural DVD’s are usually split into two volumes.) Read more
In the Supernatural episode “Swap Meat,” we deal with body-swapping; specifically, the mischief descent into witchcraft and demonic summoning that befalls three high school students. Gary is the focus, a nerdy teenager not best pleased with the ‘plan’ his parents have laid out for him. He seeks to rebel... Read more
Apparently “Back to the Future, Part II,” the Feb. 4 episode of The CW’s Supernatural, has undergone a title change. Various TV sources are now listing the title as “The Song Remains The Same.” It is unknown if the title change is due to copyright, or creative choice. See... Read more
Variety is reporting that Warner Bros. TV and McG’s Wonderland studio are putting together a Supernatural spin-off… but unlike some spin-offs, this one is going to the Internet. Ghostfacers is planned to run as ten three-minute episodes on Episodes will also appear on The CW’s website. Production has... Read more
The CW has released images from “My Bloody Valentine,” the new episode of Supernatural airing on February 11. Find them in the SPNsite gallery! Read more
Finally, we’re back into new episodes of TV… and tonight, there’s quite a lot of it. The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural return to The CW tonight with new episodes for the first time in about two months. You can find an image gallery and description from tonight’s Vampire Diaries... Read more
The CW has released several images from Episode #5.13 of Supernatural, titlted “Back to the Future, Part 2.” You can find them on the KryptonSite Network’s SPNsite. Read more
Although most of today’s TV news was dominated by the NBC/Jay Leno/Conan O’Brien drama, the KryptonSite network of sites was busy updating with some new content, in addition to the creation of this blog. For Smallvile, the official CW description for the January 29 episode, “Warrior” has now been... Read more
I’ve been watching Season 4 of Supernatural to post a DVD review in the next couple days, and I have to say, I’m very impressed with how randomly accessible it is. In a world where TV gets overly complicated with its concepts, SPN is solid. A lot of the... Read more