Because we know these episodes are highly anticipated, and with hopes of bringing some traffic to some of our not-so-populated subforums (hello, Vampire Diaries…), season finale countdown threads have now been opened on the KryptonSite Forum for three of this week’s finales. Here’s where you can find them: Smallville... Read more
Stay tuned within the next day or two for exclusive interviews with Diamond Dallas Page and David H. Lawrence XVII. Got a little backed up and am still transcribing! Hope you like them! Read more
In the few months of its existence, KSiteTV has aimed to cover an assortment of television shows, including new pilots, as an extension of the original and spin-off sites. As we go to the future, there’s a question of what to do if there are shows with more... Read more
Although most of today’s TV news was dominated by the NBC/Jay Leno/Conan O’Brien drama, the KryptonSite network of sites was busy updating with some new content, in addition to the creation of this blog. For Smallvile, the official CW description for the January 29 episode, “Warrior” has now been... Read more
Here are some of the latest headlines from across the KryptonSite network of sites: – The CW has recently aired a new trailer with clips from upcoming Smallville episodes including the two-hour “Absolute Justice.” Screen captures of the latest trailer can be found here, while caps from the ... Read more
A few new destinations have now been added to the KryptonSite Network – although, whether or not they become full-on sites is up to readers and interest. First, although GLEE doesn’t really match the comic-booky, sci-fi-genre type stuff you usually find here in the Network, the GLEE sub-forum at... Read more
We’re considering adding more TV show subforums to the KryptonSite Forum, but thought it would be best to ask around first to see if there would be interest. The two shows specifically considered to add would be Flashforward and GLEE. What do you think? Weigh in on the poll... Read more