KSiteTV Affected By Server Issue
In case you haven’t noticed, KSiteTV has been affected by an issue on the server that has made it so posts since November 19, 2018 have disappeared. Forum posts since that date have also disappeared. We are working on this problem and will get the site fixed as soon... Read more

Alcatraz forum at KSiteTV – for discussion and spoilers about the upcoming FOX TV series

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As you may or may not be aware, there are costs involved with running a website like this… if there weren’t, any advertising on the page would disappear! One thing that helps offset the costs is when people order DVD’s and other items through Amazon.com, which is one of... Read more
Are you a fan of television? Want to reach an audience of thousands of readers daily? Maybe you’d like to join the KSiteTV team. The short version: Although there have been some guest columnists from time to time here at KSiteTV, and there is (of course!) a team of... Read more
ABC’s Once Upon A Time premieres in 15 days. Within that time, you can expect to see some interviews with the show’s cast and crew here at KSiteTV. The show should be right up the alleys of the KSiteTV audience, and hopefully a lot of people will be dropping... Read more
The KSiteTV Forums, which have been housed at KryptonSite.com for many years, are now on this same domain, and with it, we’ve upgraded the forum to have a new look in time for the Fall 2011 season. Hopefully you’ll like it and check it out. We’ve also added new... Read more
Looking for something to do after your first full day of Comic-Conning next week? A special “Comic-Concert” is planned to be held on Thursday night, July 21, only a few blocks from the convention center. Here are more details. Tickets can be purchased at Comic-Concert.com. Hope to see you... Read more
When we launched our poll to ask which new Fall 2011 shows should get their own forums here at KSiteTV, The Secret Circle has been in the lead the entire time. With its genre-type storyline and the connections to another fan favorite, The Vampire Diaries, people are already talking,... Read more
As you are aware, KSiteTV has a large forum currently hosted at KryptonSite.com with over 50,000 members, and the show that was discussed about the most there, Smallville, concluded last week. In the past few days, the TV networks have presented their new programming, and here at KSiteTV... Read more
KSiteTV has gotten caught right in the middle of an evolution. We’ve been working to update the site’s theme and in doing so accidentally made it so we can’t revert to the old way properly either. So, please forgive us if some of the site navigation isn’t what you’re... Read more