Being Human #2.01 “Turn This Mother Out” Recap & Review

Derek B. Gayle reviews the Being Human US Season 2 premiere.

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<em>Once Upon A Time</em> “True North” Recap & Review
This week on Once Upon A Time, Hansel and Gretel met the Blind Witch as their Storybrooke alter egos got to meet Emma. In both worlds, they had to cross the Evil Queen! Here’s Stephanie Hall’s recap and review. Read more
Breaking Into <em>Alcatraz:</em> Set Visit & Pilot Review

Craig Byrne talks about his visit to the set of Alcatraz and reviews the series pilot.

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We’re in the home stretch now.  “Chuck Vs. Bo” introduces us to the final villain, the final arc, and our last bit of stunt casting; gives us momentum on many character arcs; and the return or something you’ve either been waiting all season for or never wanted to see... Read more
<em>Supernatural</em> #7.12 “Time After Time After Time” Recap & Review

Review and synopsis for the January 13, 2012 episode of The CW’s Supernatural, Time After Time After Time.

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Another new contributor to KSiteTV is Stephanie Hall, who will be recapping Once Upon A Time. She also is working on a special Once project we should be posting around these parts soon. Stephanie has already recapped & reviewed tonight’s episode, “Desperate Souls,” which finished just hours ago. Welcome... Read more
KSiteTV welcomes another new writer! Jeff Holbrook is a fan of a lot of the shows covered here and we’re happy to have him! This week, he’s reviewing and recapping Supernatural. He has some cool ideas coming up for his Supernatural coverage which you will probably see changing over... Read more

Derek B. Gayle reviews “Chuck vs. the Kept Man.”

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Derek B. Gayle posts a recap and review of the Chuck episode Chuck vs. the Baby

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Vampire Diaries Pilot Review

Craig Byrne’s original review of The Vampire Diaries from 2009

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