“Snow Falls” is the third episode of Once Upon A Time, airing November 6 on ABC, and it might be one of the best episodes of TV you’ll see all season. It’s written by Liz Tigelaar of Life Unexpected fame, and shows what happens when… well… Snow falls. David... Read more
ABC has released an official description for the fourth episode of Once Upon A Time. Beware of spoilers! This episode airs on November 13. Read more
ABC tonight aired a promo trailer for the second episode of Once Upon A Time. The episode airs on Sunday, October 30. Read more about the show here on KSiteTV and come talk Once on our forum! Read more

ABC’s Once Upon A Time: Images, Interviews, Forum, Video & More – All In One Place!

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We’re only two days away from the Oct. 23 series premiere of ABC’s Once Upon A Time, and today we share an interview with someone who is sure to be one of the series’ most iconic characters – Ginnifer Goodwin, who plays Snow White. After the Evil Queen’s curse... Read more
We’re getting even closer to Sunday’s Once Upon A Time premiere — and if you can’t wait until then, here’s how you can see it early — but we still have two more interviews from our Vancouver set visit left to post! You can find links to those past... Read more
ABC released the first nine minutes yesterday, but today through Saturday, you can find the full pilot of Once Upon A Time on IMDB. Legally! If you’d like to see the show, all you have to do is head over to IMDB and check it out: Once Upon A... Read more
We’re not done with our Once Upon A Time cast interviews yet! The show premieres on Sunday, and there are still two more interviews to share which you’ll find here on Thursday and Friday, but today we’re sharing our group chat with Jared Gilmore, the young man who plays... Read more
ABC’s Once Upon A Time premieres on Sunday, October 23, and in anticipation for that, the network has put the first nine minutes of the first episode online! If you’re not in the United States, be warned that this video might not work. Read KSiteTV’s Once Upon A Time... Read more
Continuing our run of interviews from the Vancouver studio of Once Upon A Time (premiering Sunday 10/23 on ABC!), today we post parts of our group chat with Josh Dallas, who plays the, well, charming “Prince Charming” in the new series. The actor – who played Fandral in Thor... Read more