The man who brought us the spectacular dinosaur film Jurassic Park might be returning to the dinosaur business. Steven Spielberg is negotiating alongside Peter Chernin to take on a series called Terra Nova, which Variety describes as the story of a family from 100 years in the future who... Read more
Casting is now beginning for The CW’s Nikita, and with the start of the process comes some news about the series. In this version of the story, as previously reported, Nikita has gotten away from the organization that once brought her in, and it sounds like her onetime captors... Read more
The CW’s La Femme Nikita pilot already has a director assigned, as revealed by Josef Adalian of Danny Cannon, who directed the original pilots for CSI and CSI: NY, will be directing the Nikita pilot which will be produced by Supernatural and Human Target‘s McG. You can read... Read more
THR has revealed that The CW has put in a pilot order for a new television series based on La Femme Nikita. Peter Johnson and McG, both of Supernatural, will be executive producers. This is not the first time La Femme Nikita has been done as a TV series.... Read more