Fringe Interview: Anna Torv Previews Peter’s Return & Talks Season 4

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A new episode of Fringe airs tonight at 9PM on FOX, and here are some images! Read more
FOX has released a gallery of images from the October 28 November 4 episode of Fringe, and these images feature someone who’s been missing from the show for the past few weeks. Enjoy! NOTE: Because of the World Series going through Oct. 28, the episode has been pushed back... Read more
This morning’s stop on our Vancouver tour took us to a location shoot for FOX’s Fringe, which airs at 9PM Fridays this year. Today, we spoke with Anna Torv (Olivia/”Bolivia”) and Seth Gabel (Lincoln Lee). As there were several reporters on this trip, we’re only sharing some highlights of... Read more
In this newly-released promo from FOX, it appears Pacey Peter Bishop has now been found! Or at least, he will be soon. Check it out: Fringe airs Fridays at 9PM on FOX. Read more
FOX has released an official description for the fourth episode of Fringe Season 4. The episode airs on October 14. Read more
FOX tonight aired a promotional trailer for the September 30 episode of Fringe. Take a look at some images from the episode! Read more
FOX has released a handful of images from the October 7 episode of Fringe. Enjoy! Read more
In this new video released by FOX, cast and producers of Fringe discuss tonight’s season premiere, which airs at 9PM (ET) and is called “Neither Here Nor There.” Complete with some preview clips! You can find images from the episode here at KSiteTV, and if enough people participate in... Read more
The official description for the October 7 episode of Fringe is here! Read more