Review by Craig Byrne Back when I wrote my reviews of the second 1960’s and 1970’s Saturday Morning Cartoons DVD volumes from Warner Home Video I commented that I wanted to see a 1980’s volume. I am happy to say that they answered fan requests by releasing a set... Read more
Those who are familiar with this site and site network probably know that this all started with Superman – first as an online newsletter/website for Lois & Clark and then of course KryptonSite for Smallville. In 1997, soon after Lois & Clark ended but a few years before Smallville... Read more
Review by Craig Byrne The first season (or series) of Merlin aired here in the United States on NBC last Summer and recently re-aired on the Syfy Channel in anticipation of tonight’s Syfy premiere of Series Two. While not setting the summer ratings race on fire, the show provided... Read more
Last week, BBC Video released not just one, not two, but THREE classic Doctor Who serials on DVD. I am impressed with their commitment to releasing the classic material as well as the new, and this time we get two stories featuring the Third Doctor and one featuring Sylvester... Read more
Review by Craig Byrne Doctor Who: The Complete Specials is a new DVD release from BBC Video due out on February 2. The 5-disc set contains the five specials that aired of Doctor Who since Christmas 2008’s “The Next Doctor” and takes you all the way to the (spoiler... Read more
Review by Craig Byrne Doctor Who: The Keys of Marinus is another Doctor Who classic series release that was recently put out by BBC Video. Aside from the missing “Marco Polo,” it was the oldest Doctor Who story not yet released on DVD. Starring in it are William Hartnell... Read more
Review by Craig Byrne The classic series Doctor Who serial “The Twin Dilemma” is pretty notorious by frequently being voted the worst episode of the show’s 200 stories. Unfortunately for Sixth Doctor Colin Baker, it’s also his first story. After three seasons of the subdued Peter Davison (and the... Read more
Today (December 1), less than one week after its television debut, Warner Home Video has released a DVD of the recent Cartoon Network TV-movie, Ben 10: Alien Swarm. The movie is based on the Ben 10 animated series that have come out over the years, which were created by... Read more
Just posted some new DVD reviews onto KryptonSite for two recent comics-related releases. (Perhaps not) surprisingly, I liked the classic stuff better than the new Green Lantern feature. You can find the reviews at KryptonSite. Read more