Reports are coming in from multiple news outlets that ABC’s Charlie’s Angels has been canceled. is saying that although the show has shut down production, the remaining episodes will still air. Last night’s episode, while stable in the ratings, scored lower demographically than even The CW and The... Read more
Smallville’s “Lois Lane,” Erica Durance, appears on the Thursday, October 13 episode of ABC’s Charlie’s Angels… and now we have four official images from her guest shot! Enjoy! (And Smallville fans, spread the word and send people here to this gallery… thanks!) Read more
The October 13 episode of Charlie’s Angels is a remake of the classic “Angels in Chains” episode and features a guest appearance by Smallville‘s Lois Lane, Erica Durance. Check out the promo trailer: Read more
ABC tonight aired a promotional trailer for next week’s episode of Charlie’s Angels. (No, this is not the episode with Erica Durance… that one airs on October 13) Look for “Bon Voyage, Angels” on Thursday, October 6. Read more
ABC has released an official description of Erica Durance’s episode of Charlie’s Angels, which shares a title with one of the most iconic episodes of the original series. The episode airs on October 13. Come talk about Charlie’s Angels on our forum! BOSLEY REUNITES WITH AN OLD FLAME TO... Read more
ABC has also released a description for the third episode of Charlie’s Angels, airing October 6. Read more
ABC has released an official description for the September 29 episode of their new Charlie’s Angels. The episode is called “Runway Angels.” The “Old Spice Guy,” Isaiah Mustafa, guest stars. Read more
ABC has released an official description for the Sept. 22 series premiere of the 2011 Charlie’s Angels. THREE FUN, FEARLESS, GLAMOROUS DETECTIVES SEEK REDEMPTION IN ABC’S NEW ACTION-PACKED TAKE ON THE 1970S SMASH HIT, “CHARLIE’S ANGELS” Everyone deserves a second chance — even a thief, a street racer and... Read more
For whatever reason, The Daily Mail, when posting these images, thought they were of Minka Kelly. But no… these pics are of Smallville’s Erica Durance on set for her Charlie’s Angels guest appearance, which airs in early October. Enjoy! Read more
ABC has released a newer promo for the premiere of Charlie’s Angels. The new show begins September 22. Many of the clips seen here have been seen before, and it’s expected that Charlie will sound different between now and that time. Read more