Life Unexpected’s Austin Butler speaks with KSiteTV about his character of “Jones” and what we should expect to see from him in the show’s upcoming installments.

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Betwixt, a series about young changelings, was one of the shows that was hoping for a spot on The CW’s Fall 2010 schedule. Unfortunately for the show, it didn’t make it.

However, Josh Henderson, who was cast as one of the male leads of the show, today Tweeted some photos for a look at what might have been.

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Several online TV news sources are reporting that The CW has picked up additional seasons of “bubble series” One Tree Hill and Life Unexpected. It has also been revealed that the network has put in a series order for the Tom Welling-produced Hellcats in addition to the all-but-already-announced Nikita.... Read more
The latest pilot update from Deadline’s Nellie Andreeva is listing the Tom Welling-produced Hellcats as a “frontrunner” for a spot on The CW’s Fall schedule with Betwixt (aka Changelings) and HMS still “in contention.” Nikita, although not formally announced, is a “go.” Other CW projects, including The Wyoming Project... Read more
James Hibberd’s The Live Feed has weighed in on the latest pilot buzz, and since we’ve been tracking a lot of the networks’ Fall 2010 pilots, we thought we’d share: CBS Hawaii Five-O is still the “most likely drama” to be picked up as a series order. Chaos, Defenders,... Read more
Betwixt too strange of a TV show title for you? Actor Josh Henderson, one of the stars of the CW pilot formerly known as Betwixt, Tweeted this today: joshbhenderson Just left final ADR session for betwixt!! (now called changelings) with @allisonmiller …and there you have it! Like the new... Read more
Now it’s Variety’s turn to reveal the buzz on pilots in contention for slots on networks’ Fall 2010 schedules. Here’s the latest: NBC Undercovers from JJ Abrams is considered “a lock” for the NBC schedule. The Rockford Files re-do is putting out feelers for a writing staff, so that... Read more
Both THR and have posted updated tallies of how certain pilots are doing, including a few that are being covered here at KSiteTV. At NBC, both say The Rockford Files has good chances, although Deadline says that the network has not seen the pilot yet. It sounds like... Read more
“Travis Yanan” has read the pilot script for The CW’s Betwixt and for the most part, seems to like it. Here’s a brief excerpt: It seems that Betwixt has been designed to lead out of The Vampire Diaries (a series that, if you’ll recall, I was incredibly harsh on... Read more
Actor Michael Boatman (Spin City) revealed on Twitter that he will be playing a role in The CW’s Betwixt pilot. Here is what he said: Just finished Goodwife for the season. Also did a pilot for the CW… Betwixt. Modern -day changelings. Think Twilight but with faerie-kids. He didn’t... Read more