DVD Review: Castle: The Complete Seventh Season DVD Review: Castle: The Complete Seventh Season
Castle Season 7 hits DVD today, and we have a review of the set. DVD Review: Castle: The Complete Seventh Season

Season 7 of Castle hits DVD today with a five-disc set containing every episode from the 2014-2015 season.

Here’s how they describe the release:

The wedding bells are ringing, but will Castle and Beckett really tie the knot? An astonishing turn of events tears television’s most loveable couple apart in a captivating new season of ABC’s beloved and inspired series. Experience every unforgettable moment with Castle: The Complete Seventh Season.

On the biggest day of his life, Castle is nowhere to be found… and it’s not because he has cold feet. Now, in a season of brilliant twists and turns, Castle and Beckett take on New York City’s most fascinating cases while they try to solve the mystery of their own relationship. Join them as they hunt for an “Invisible Man” with psychic powers and witness the return of their deadly rival, Dr. Kelly Nieman. Then dive even deeper into the fantastic world of Castle with exclusive bonus features available only on DVD!

So what did we think?

The Episodes: All 23 episodes of Castle Season 7CastleSeasonSevenDVD are available on this DVD set. What I love about Castle as a show is that even though the series and especially this season have continuing plot threads, it’s a show that you can randomly put in an episode and still be able to follow and enjoy it. The likability of stars Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic really helps here. And there’s a wedding! (Spoiler warning… okay, you probably know that already.)

Extras: As per usual with DVD releases of ABC shows, the Castle set gives the buyer their money’s worth. First, there are commentaries: “Driven” features director Rob Bowman, cast members Jon Huertas and Seamus Dever, and writer David Amann; and “Reckoning” has Nathan Fillion and Michael Mosley, creator/Executive Producer/writer Andrew W. Marlowe and Executive Producer/Director Rob Bowman.

There’s a blooper reel, which should inspire laughs, especially from die-hard fans. Also for laughs, the set includes the “Raging Heat” webmercial. There’s a music video inspired by “Caskett,” deleted scenes, and a feature about the background performers on the show. Castle DVD sets in the past have always had features that seem to take you more into the world of the production of the show; I’m happy to say this set doesn’t disappoint, especially with that feature.

Packaging & Artwork: Honestly, the DVD package — the front cover at least — is a little bit on the bland side… I guess the chalk outline is cute… but the back cover looks nice. The disc art, featuring individual cast members, is a nice touch.

Is It Worth It? Let’s be honest: You’ll be able to see these episodes on TNT or in syndication soon enough. But what you can’t get are these extra features. The extra mile is taken to provide great extras, which is why, especially if you’re already a fan of Castle, this is worth checking out.

Castle: The Complete Seventh Season hits DVD today. Order yours from Amazon.com and support this site!


Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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