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The Booster Gold Script Is Going To Syfy Next Week

For almost two years now we’ve been waiting patiently for more news about Syfy’s television project based on Booster Gold. And, sadly, the usual response is not much in the way of more news.

This isn’t much news either, but it’s something good, at least – writer Andrew Kreisberg is turning in the script next week! From Twitter:

@AJKreisberg: @UniversoDC1 Not sure about the comic. The script is going to SyFy next week!

The “comic” being referred to is an upcoming new DC Comics series for Booster Gold. Still, maybe in a perfect world Syfy will love the script so much that it’ll finally make some progress! If only we could travel through time with Booster and Skeets to find out what would happen…

Thanks to Edward Huggins for the tip over on Facebook.

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