Syfy's Booster Gold pilot episode writer has written the character before - on TV! - in an episode of Justice League Unlimited.

Here’s a bit of trivia about Booster Gold pilot script writer Andrew Kreisberg that, for whatever reason, I was not aware of before…

He’s actually written the character already. On TV.

Kreisberg was the writer of “The Greatest Story Never Told,” one of the most beloved episodes of the animated Justice League Unlimited. In the episode, Booster is treated as a bit of an unimportant B-list hero relegated to crowd control while everyone else does all the “real work” fighting Mordru in the background. He, of course, ends up in adventures and heroism of his own.

If you’re curious as to how Kreisberg might handle the character, this JLU episode might be the perfect way to find out. Now, let’s hope Syfy likes what they see, a pilot gets filmed, and Booster Gold hits our TV screens sooner rather than later.

JLU Season 1 is currently available on DVD and the episode itself can be found at Amazon Unbox.

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Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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