Booster Gold TV Update: What’s The Status? Booster Gold TV Update: What’s The Status?
Andrew Kreisberg offers an update on the status of Syfy's Booster Gold TV show. Booster Gold TV Update: What’s The Status?

It’s been since Comic-Con that we heard anything new about Syfy’s proposed TV series based on the DC Comics character Booster Gold; thankfully for us, IGN asked the writer of the pilot, Andrew Kreisberg (Arrow), about the current status of the project.

“I got a little waylaid by Arrow,” Kreisberg admitted to IGN. “Booster Gold is going in in the next couple weeks before Christmas. We’ll see what happens from there. It’s such a different project even though they’re both DC Comics properties. Booster is much more candy and popcorn, being about time travel and changing the future and being a superhero who can fly. But they’re both super-fun projects. As a lifelong DC Comics fan, I am beyond blessed to be working on these projects with all these amazing characters.”

You can read the full IGN Kreisberg interview here.


Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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